liv2Bme is [SOCIALLY] important.

what is liv2Bme?

liv2Bme is a positive, supportive social app for teen girls that inspires healthy self-images through kind interactions and meaningful connections. Our vision is that it will eliminate the harmful impacts of emotional isolation as its user base grows into a community built on kindness, support, and sharing.

what is the driving force behind liv2Bme?

Current social media platforms can be harmful for young teenage girls. Social media has negatively redefined how teens “socialize” by taking away authentic human interaction, resulting in feelings of loneliness and disconnection. Unhealthy online interactions can lead to mental health issues including depression/anxiety, negative body image, feeling disconnected, and digital addiction. All too often these issues manifest into negative behaviors such as sharing inappropriate content, purposeful exclusion, and cyberbullying.


To combat these negative trends, liv2Bme is being created as a positive place online where girls can connect with peers who have common interests, goals, and concerns. liv2Bme strives to be safe space for girls as they share the ideas, thoughts, and images that define them. And the liv2Bme dream is to build an online community that understands how to express honest feelings in a way that respects others.

who are the liv2Bme founders?

Cindy Abel and Tosha Marks are two intuitive entrepreneurs determined to make a difference in the lives of young women. Very involved with family life raising daughters, they have seen first-hand how social media interactions can affect girls.