liv2Bme is [socially] recruiting.

Are you interested in doing something exciting? Something that could help girls everywhere, girls you don’t even know?


At liv2Bme we have an amazing team, but we need your help. We have big plans to push back on how social media has negatively redefined how teens “socialize” by taking away authentic human interaction, resulting in feelings of loneliness and disconnection. And those plans need the support of a diverse, educated, concerned team of mentors to engage with our users and help us analyze the ways they engage and what they need.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor on the liv2Bme app, please apply and tell us about yourself —>

To complete your application, please send us a current resume/CV and contact information for personal/professional references.

IMPORTANT: We review and respond to Mentor applications on a rolling basis.

liv2Bme is [socially] incentivizing.

All mentors will be expected to:

  • Commit to participation in beta testing period.
  • Engage in open conversation regarding the effects of social media on personal mental health.
  • Sign and complete the consent form.
  • Complete mentor training.
  • Complete surveys (3) regarding app usability, user satisfaction, comparisons to existing social media, and areas of improvement during the beta process.
  • Facilitate or lead focus groups (3) with beta users.
  • Engage with beta users and app functions over the duration of beta testing period.
  • Brainstorm areas of improvement that you believe would improve the app.

All participants and mentors will receive a $15 Starbucks gift card. There will be two raffle drawings offering the possibility for you to win Apple AirPods Pro ($249) and a $300 Amazon gift card. In addition, this is an opportunity to accrue volunteer hours and add experience to your resume!