Dark truth coming to light.

Dark truth coming to light.

Thank you so much for this post Center for Humane Technology. I listen to your podcast, Your Undivided Attention, an amazing resource for those of us who want more humane tech. I’m grateful the The Wall Street Journal is sharing. Hopefully, those of us trying to provide healthy alternatives for teen girls will be encouraged and supported to keep on trying.

Center for Humane Technology        3 weeks ago

The Wall Street Journal article showing Instagram knows it’s damaging teen girls’ #mentalhealth should cause shock and horror but sadly, that isn’t news.

We already felt this dark truth for a long time. It is the predictable outcome of maximizing profit at all costs.

What’s news is what comes next: How do we hold Facebook executives responsible for their impact?

How do we reshape platforms to be transparent about their power?

What does true accountability to well-being look like?

Read the article on wsj.com/3CaC3wh and/or listen to the #podcast at https://apple.co/395LvEP, and let us know what you think. #FacebookFiles